Israel police: Former PM Olmert should stand trial

Dear Editor,

Your “Israel police: Former PM Olmert should stand trial” is short and factual.

Unfortunately, Jewish stereotypes are widely spread and have to be taken into account.

Therefore AP needs to include an important disclaimer to counter existing bias the readers might have before it can be said to be unbiased. Otherwise, it fortifies existing prejudices. AP cannot claim that it doesn’t know of anti-Jewish preconceived notions.

Prominent Jews that are suspected of stealing, leading Blacks that are caught using drugs, authoritative Women that are shown to be irresponsible or weak, physically handicapped leaders that turn out to be stupid – they can all be reported, but in the same breath it needs to be noticed that they are the exceptions and that they seriously let down the people for whom they were supposed to be a paragon and role model.

In this report it would have been fitting to note how keen authorities in Israel are to catch bureaucrats that abuse their power or otherwise violate the public’s trust put in them.


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