Gaza Mall sparks debate over Israeli blockade

Dear Editor,

Your “Gaza Mall sparks debate over Israeli blockade” has been long in waiting.

Still missing:

  • All the Jerusalem malls that we know have 2 or 3 floors, so what enormous “luxury malls famous elsewhere in the Middle East is AP talking about?
  • About the “war-battered residents of the impoverished coastal strip” and “About one-third of Gaza’s work force is currently jobless, and 80 percent of the population depends on food aid. While consumer goods enter, Israel still bans exports and many raw materials that could allow Gaza’s factories to reopen”: Maybe next time include a reference about who started the war (you always hide Arab aggression and then harp about their victim-hood); and add that the average level of prosperity and life expectancy in Gaza belong to the highest in the world.
  • AP mentions six stores. In fact you forgot the fountain and the electronic play area for the kids and the enormous selection of cloths and foods. Maybe the following link will stimulate your readers’ fantasy, as a picture says more than a thousand and one nights<br . [We wonder how the wheelchair user got to the second floor if the elevator doesn’t work – sheet 4#, after the fountain pics. And what is that suicide bomber doing in the mall pictures? Probably to guarantee that she will not explode herself in this building.]
  • To call this “It has no excess or luxury,” we wonder what poverty looks like in Gaza. We’ve asked you before (Gaza family struggles to survive in a tent, first paragraph).
  • About “the frequent power outages in most Gaza homes” you forgot to mention that Egypt and Israel faithfully provide electricity and that any shortage comes from Hamas’ rival the PA.

We again read your “Hamas militants overran the strip in 2007” Mantra. Hamas was elected in real elections. The only thing that happened after that is that it chased away Fatah. Hitler was also democratically elected; it makes a difference, you know.

And then there is again the “deadly Israeli raid on a flotilla seeking to break the blockade in May drew widespread international criticism” Mantra (5 lies in one sentence).

It took you a month to write this and you terribly failed to mislead us.


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