A look at previous Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

Dear Editor,

Your “A look at previous Israeli-Palestinian peace talks” is such a laughable effort to rewrite history, it’s not worthy of a point by point review.

We just take a few random passages and show what a bunch of lies this is:

1. “But disagreements remain, including a demand by Arafat for a right to resettle Palestinian refugees in Israel. The effort fails as fighting erupts two months later….”

The truth reads: “But, as is well-known, Arafat bluntly refused to sign despite all Israeli concessions and brazenly walked away and instigated the Second Intifada two months later.”

2. “Olmert and Abbas hold a long series of direct talks. The last round breaks down in late 2008, reportedly when the sides were close to an agreement. Shortly afterward, Israel launches its bruising military offensive against Hamas rocket launchers in the Gaza Strip.”

The talks with the PA were not even stopped with the 3 week war in Hamas controlled Gaza and continue for months after that until Olmert had to step down. No concession by him was good enough. Netanyahu was in no need to reach an agreement for his sake against Israel’s interests so the PA strategically bolted talks blaming him being a hawk before ever sitting down with him. Netanyahu issued a partial building stop and acknowledge the need for a PA State, with only more demands and threats as the PA response.

3. “The talks break down because neither side meets their obligations under the first stage: Israel did not halt settlement construction and the Palestinians did not clamp down on militants. A new wave of Palestinian suicide bombings and Israeli targeted killings of Hamas leaders also derails talks.”

The PA did nothing of what was agreed so in the end Israel stopped its obligations. Whenever AP uses “both sides” it’s hiding Arab aggression. It has the chutzpah to equate war-crime suicide bombings and targeted killing of mass-murderers

4. “Israel releases mostly car thieves instead of political prisoners and Arafat does not reduce forces or confiscate arms.”

This is one of the PA’s failure to abide by every agreement, while the PA excuse is brought as cause.

No mention is made that Israel made concession after concession and the PA chose violence time and again. Not mentioning the giving up of Gush Katif is major – it was answered with an intensifying of the rocket barrage..

Compare and cry. What a sham. AP has done the public another disservice.

If AP was really interested in informing the public, it should present a list of concessions that Israel has done for Peace. We dare you.


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