Veteran Dutch Mideast reporter Conny Mus dies

Dear Editor,

Why are we not surprised that your “Veteran Dutch Mideast reporter Conny Mus dies” stays completely silence about the criticism that his biased Middle East reporting evoked in his native the Netherlands? Since he divorced his Israeli Jewish wife and started a relationship with a Palestinian woman, his reporting deteriorated from informative to propagandistic.

The only other Dutch TV reporter, Sander van Hoorn, also has a Palestinian partner. We are waiting if the Dutch will get some real information in the near future through Mus’ successor, but we are not holding our breath.

Meanwhile, in the Low Countries few of the left-wing, right-wing and center media have any use for AP – they insert the lies and bias themselves. Millions of people there are in urgent need of truthful information about the Mideast. Will AP jump in that hole in the market?


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