Text of a statement issued by Mideast “Quartet”

Dear Editor,

In “Text of a statement issued by Mideast “Quartet”” as always AP is ready to quote any text or person that is willing to hide the truth and blur the picture of what is truly going on in the Middle East, without any clarifying comment that G-d forbid could reveal the truth.

Especially the false moral equivalence of the document must be pleasing to AP’s Middle East political department.

When will AP share the truth that Obama has finally come to his senses about the Mideast peace process and holds the Palestinian leadership hostage until they agree to anything that looks like peace. The US and EU will cut off all aid to the Palestinians unless they go along with a Two State Solution with security for Israel and prosperity for the West Bank, leaving them little choice. The rest is details. One idea is of course, to win back the people who went to Hamas, and so regain leadership over Gaza too.

Regarding that last point, AP would be perfectly situated to raise the question how part of a true peace process must entail a mechanism that would end corruption of the Palestinian leadership. On that hinges its public support; on that depends if the West Bank will get a dictatorship or a democracy, on that will turn if Gaza will become a democracy again.

AP, as an international and powerful news outlet, should vote for such democracies, and question all leaders involved “who is going to guarantee an end to corruption on the Palestinian side and how.”

We dare you.

It will show if you are on the side of free people getting well informed, or rather are corrupt yourself, just catering to your richest (Arab) clients to distort the news as they dictate.

Surprise us.


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