[Israel wins Paralympic gold as Iranians refuse to swim in same pool]

Dear Editor,

In your earlier “Iran wins in soccer but withdraws from taekwondo” you told us of an Iranian refusal to compete against Israel, only to withdraw the news in a later “IOC dismisses Israel claim Iranian faked injury” based on nothing but an unsubstantiated remark by an international sports official, completely ignoring Iran’s record in this.

Well, now Israeli left-wing daily Haaretz reports “Israel wins Paralympic gold as Iranians refuse to swim in same pool” http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/sports/israel-wins-paralympic-gold-as-iranians-refuse-to-swim-in-same-pool-1.291611 .

AP’s chance to regain credibility & report anti-Israel news as it is. Not the whole world is against Israel – as AP often intimates on false grounds – but rather some selected anti-Israel countries stand out and prefer to lose rather than face off against the Zionist enemy.

Show that you may portray anti-Zionists for what they are: hate-mongering bad sports.

This would enable you to quote the blind winner’s great joke (but do credit Haaretz).


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