Israel urges Lebanon to block ships to Gaza

Dear Editor,

In “Israel urges Lebanon to block ships to Gaza” the words of Israel’s ambassador to the UN you rendered faithfully. Still it’s flawed in that it seems from the report as if Israel stands alone in its reasonable quest (giving the impression that something must be wrong with it).

The G-8 have specifically endorsed Israel’s handling of the flotilla attacks, to defend itself. [G-8 Leaders support Israel]

The Seventh paragraph contains nine untruths. If you read our emails regularly, you should be able to spot them effortlessly. We’ve colored them for you: “A deadly Israeli commando raid on a Turkish ship trying to bring aid to Gaza on May 31 killed nine activists and focused international attention on Israel’s blockade of Gaza, imposed after the Islamist militant and anti-Israel Hamas violently overran the Palestinian territory in June 2007.”

Omitted are: Israel evacuated Gush Katif for peace, Hamas responded with war crimes against Israeli cities, Hamas are terrorists, democratically elected, out to destruct Israel.


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