Analysis: Talks to test Netanyahu’s will for peace

Dear Editor,

“Analysis: Talks to test Netanyahu’s will for peace” contains much facts most of the time suppressed by AP. Unfortunately AP can only give its readers such glimpses of truth when they are inserted into an overall false picture of the situation, as here is the case too.

This is a clear case of filalítheiaphobia – a phobic fear for truth.

The headline is a complete fraud. Netanyahu is saying for years that he’s ready for peace. The one to be tested is the Palestinian leadership.
Your headline is as crazy as “Let’s see if cows are ready for vegetarians’ diets.”

Your opening word is “Hawkish” – that’s how one characterizes someone who calls out for peace? As if we would open a discussion about AP with “Deceitful propagandist AP….”

“enormous obstacles to overcome before any deal can be reached” that AP sums up all concern Palestinian demands on Israel. Not a word on Israel’s needs. You round that off with “The international community backs the Palestinian demand” as if no one really supports Israel’s needs – the old AP lie of Israel standing alone.

And why do Palestinian leader not want to sit with the Israeli leaders? Netanyahu “has made the Palestinians extremely leery about speaking to the Israeli leader.” In accordance with AP’s opinion that Palestinians are powerless blameless innocent victims on whom we should not lay any expectations.

It would be interesting to see this clause when all untruths would be taken out: “To lure Netanyahu to the negotiating table, the White House had to agree to his demands that there be no preconditions and that he not be bound to pledges made by more dovish Israeli leaders in the past.”

How about: “To force Abbas to the negotiating table, the White House had to demand that he drop his preconditions and that he renegotiates sweeping promises made in earlier but failed negotiations with the outgoing previous Israeli leader Ehud Olment.”

The rest of the report contains dozens of more myths and twists of the truth. We refuse to believe that JOSEF FEDERMAN, who always writes so responsibly, has written this junk.

This analysis tells a tale….. on AP.


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