Analysis: Obama seeks elusive prize _ Mideast deal

Dear Editor,

Your “Analysis: Obama seeks elusive prize _ Mideast deal” is so unreal, it’s not even lied up. More than half of the “analysis” is just a bunch of nonsense.

A nice example is your statement about “Obama’s resilient popularity abroad.” His approval rate in Israel has been fluctuating between 3 and 9 percent. Resilient? Unfortunately, you are serious.

But then, beyond half-way down, we go back to the old and trusted AP lies: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is hawkish, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is weak, The last direct talks were in November 2007, etc.

Completely missing is any remark on Obama succeeding to get the parties to the table because of arm-twisting the Palestinian leadership.

Another AP “analysis” about Israel that’s a complete embarrassment.


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