[How we were wrong]

Dear AP Editor,

We’ve written you hundreds of emails about the absence or presence of anti-Israel bias in your reporting. We have come to the conclusion that we were wrong.

We have judged your reporting from a mindset that your reporting as much as possible should be objective and not favor any side in the Mideast conflict. Whenever we spotted a unbalance we have concluded that this gives away some bias in your mindset.

We held that you did not need to love Israel but you should at least not hate Israel.

We want to step away from this criterion.

We have grown to understand that there is something else wrong with many of AP’s Middle East reports that is more fundamental.

We have found very little anti-Israel bias that is honest. Time and again unfavorable reports employed half-truths and outright lies, manipulations and distortions of facts, stylistic and layout tricks in order to give a crooked picture of Israel and Israelis.

This in one go answers the old question “Why should people not be allowed to criticize Israel as any other country?” The problem is NEVER in negative publicity. The real issue lies in dishonest reporting.

From now on we will not ask ourselves if AP writers and editors LOVE Israel, not Hate us. Instead, we will search for untruth only. We will denounce variations and manipulations to the truth rather than the reporting being colored or unfavorable.

(Actually, we’ve more criticism on Israel than AP expresses. AP workers who push twisted news on Israel seem so busy with having & giving a wrong impression, that they can’t even see what’s really problematic in the Jewish State. Probably, they never took the trouble to get to know her. The danger of falling in love with her has kept haters from paying enough attention to her to get to know her at all. They’re condemned to superficial hate.)

We’ll not again expect a neutral or loving attitude. We will only insist on truthfulness.

Some of your reporters are very good on Israel. Not because they’re Zionists, friends of Jews or understanding of the need for statehood for all Peoples. Rather, they are honest.

Integrity figures high on AP’s list of principles it wants to abide by.
We will hold you to that more than to anything else, from now on.

Shalom from Jerusalem,

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