If you want to read our pieces from a nicer newspaper style layout, go to: http://www.jewpi.com/category/ap-israel-watch/ . 

If you want to get a short but fair impression of AP Israel reporting, watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STOaCl-cES0&feature=channel . Yes, it’s a satire, but that’s what makes it so clear http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satire .

1. Here are emails [sometimes slightly modified] that we are sending to Associated Press about untruths in their Israel reporting.      

AP editors and writers can go on-line from the comfort and privacy of their own homes to read our feedback.     

The headlines of the posts here are the AP headlines. This way at the Web these AP reports should be easily found together with our emails. [When we don’t react to an AP story but rather are being proactive & request a report from AP, the squarely bracketed headline is our suggestion to them. You will find these invitations in Chapter 4.]     

Here you find the AP articles from the horse’s mouth: http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/external/search.hosted.ap.org/wireCoreTool/Search?SITE=MAFIT&query=israel . To find an article, even when removed by AP, we only have to search the title between quotation marks on the Internet.      

Direct quotes from the AP reports are “in italics & between quotation marks,” usually followed by comments or proof pointing out their problems.      

You’ll find the good AP reports reviewed in Chapter 2., the poor ones in Chapter 3., all of them below or in Chapter 0., and the most important ones in Chapter 5.      

Criteria for a report mark qualifying each report you’ll find in Chapter 8. Grades.      

2. Besides critiques on AP reports, we may find an [Editorial] now & then, with more general analysis of what seems to go on in AP Israel reporting. You will find them collected in Chapter 1.      

3. AP claims to have more than half the world’s population as readers & viewers. It influences public opinion and government policy internationally, as no one else. However, AP can write whatever it wants. Sure, freedom of the press is the best safeguard of democracy; democracy the best protector of human rights.  But on the other hand, no one insures that what AP writes is truthful and fair, but… our feedback. There is a need to put this in check.      

WHY AP?      

Why not rather go after news agencies that are worse on anti-Israel bias?      

1. Because we like AP & we want it to abide by its standards also about Israel.      

2. Because we want AP to set the standard for all other firms.      

3. Because AP is the biggest & after that reports fairly & honestly about Israel, all the others will have to follow.      

4. Because this action is about helping the best to improve, not about killing the worst.      


AP’s Israel reporting seems to go through ups and downs. Some AP  Middle-East reports are unbiased, but most strain the truth, ALWAYS to the disadvantage of Israel’s image. There are many types of distortions that we have seen around Israel by AP.      

Let’s first start with how AP is not biased around Israel & Jews. Generally, on archeological stuff, the Holocaust and signaling (the struggle against) anti-Semitism in the Diaspora, AP seem pretty fair.      

But AP generally under-reports/completely ignores:      

– Anything showing the State of Israel in a positive light      

– Anything showing the State of Israel in a neutral light      

– Anything showing normalcy, quiet or fun in the State of Israel      

– Anything showing the State of Israel as a victim of Arab violence      

– Anything showing the Palestinian people / Arabs as a victim of Arab violence, despotism and foreign interference      

– Anything showing genuine, heartfelt support for the State of Israel      

– The Israeli view and experience (by leaving it out, or mentioning it very late in a report, or going less into details, or quoting fewer people on that side, or over-flooding it with statements by the other side, including Israeli ultra-left-wing Israel-bashers) & over-exposes the Palestinian/Arab side of things.      

AP frequently expresses over-criticalness on Israeli views & experiences & often is unquestioning on Palestinian/Arab sides of things, even when they seem implausible.      

We see a twisting of the facts, but always so that Israel looks scandalous and Palestinians appear pitiful, while AP claims impartiality.      

AP has a special Israeli reporter on standby, ready to bash Israeli ultra-orthodox Jews.      

Most of AP’s Middle-East headlines are unfair if not outright biased.      

On no other subject we find that AP is so partial if at all.      


Media bias can be in degrees. The five C’s.      

Grade 0. No bias and when mistakes swift Corrections.      

Grade 1. Coloring the reports. (Trends only towards one side.)      

Grade 2. Censoring the reports. (Omitting crucial parts.)      

Grade 3. Creating news stories. (Staging news “events.”)      

Grade 4. Coming into the stories. (From reporter to player.)      

On Israel Reporting, AP has fallen to Grade 4, years ago.      


Everyone seems to have their own pet answers to the problems in the Middle-East. A 1-state, 2-states, 3-states, 4-states, 5-states solution among the more popular ones. Regularly, these are idealistic pipe dreams, not supported by the facts or the times, and the situations and the mindsets of the people involved. We will give you a brief insider’s view.      

We believe that there are no quick, easy solutions, and to do away with this uncomfortable idea, many people ignore reality. But we don’t have to agree on this analysis, though. It’s enough to love truth and fairness, to help resist disinformation.      

Fact is that much potential for peace is spoiled by outside interests that muddle the waters here (the Muddle-East), by corrupt leaders (who are in it for their own glory and money) and by playing the parties off against one another (We need to be for everyone’s long-term interests). Partial international news coverage and diplomacy are often part of all of this.      

To reach peace, many actions are needed; the first must be to disseminate correct information and to stop propaganda and incitement. (Other things to strive for could be: True representation of all people involved, Teaching all the local populations about Anti-Semitism and Racism and how to defeat these, Promoting tolerance and pride (disabling unneeded discord and self-blame), Educating against hopelessness and defeatism, etc.).      

With this blog we hope to contribute in a modest way toward this first goal of impartial international news coverage.      


Some of us feel too powerless or furious to confront the propaganda.      

Find here counterarguments & spirit to hold out pro truth, con hate.      

But when AP misses the mark:      

We don’t whine – rather, we accuse      

We’re not seething – rather, we’re indignant      

We won’t just criticize – rather, we bring truth & expect betterment.      

These emails might not be enough to change AP, though. Needed might be too:      

– That lots of people write such emails all the time.      

– That there will be alternative news outlets that do inform about Israel as should be done; we hear that FOX NEWS does a good job in the USA.      

– That a worldwide discussion will develop on how come such influential players as Reuters & AP can write whatever they want.      

– That it will be investigated who trained AP’s senior editors and who pays them.      

– That eventually the courts are found and addressed that will fine slander so well that it won’t pay to be a hatemonger or bigot anymore for anyone.      

– More?      

What may we do to help here?      

We can inform ourselves & start writing & help others to do the same.      

Here’s the standard AP claims to abide by (If it weren’t so sad it would be truly hilarious.): http://www.ap.org/newsvalues/index.html .      

Here’s some background information on AP TV England by a reporter: http://www.newenglishreview.org/custpage.cfm/frm/62537/sec_id/62537 .      

Also promoting truer Israel reporting: http://www.hudson-ny.org/author/Khaled+Abu+Toameh , http://www.camera.org/ ,  http://www.debka.com/ , http://www.honestreporting.com/ , http://backspin.typepad.com/     

You will find a Guide how to write in Chapter 6.      

In Chapter 7. you may find counterarguments against popular anti-Israel bias.      

Do you agree? Can you help? Will you too write to AP? Will you stimulate others to write AP? AP news agency: info@ap.org .

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