UN gets Hezbollah ‘evidence’ on Israel-Hariri link

Dear Editor,

After you treacherous “UN Prosecutor seeks video in Lebanon assassination” we now got a lengthy “UN gets Hezbollah ‘evidence’ on Israel-Hariri link.” Is it any better?

Objections to the baseless and terrorists’ claim that Israel had murdered the Lebanese prime minister five years ago, are reduced by AP to an Israeli claim. No mention that Israel had no motive and that Hezbollah is widely believed to have assassinated him.

After this token Israeli statement, the terrorists get the mike. AP would never withhold us their lies, and not expose the terrorists for what they are.

They are termed a “militant group” and Israel is their “sworn enemy” – talking of twisting the truth. We always thought that Hezbollah was Israel’s enemy.

Towards the end again we find this great gimmick “If Hezbollah is indicted, there are fears it could spark riots between the Sunni supporters of Hariri and Shiite followers of Hezbollah.”

We have protested this lie before but that didn’t stop you from presenting it again as a great afterthought. No word – again – that catching and punishing the murderers could deter future political assassinations and enable democracy without terrorist control in Lebanon.


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