Stabbings initially drew little attention in Mich.

Dear Editor,

Your fourth installment “Stabbings initially drew little attention in Mich.” finally reveals that the suspected serial slasher is an Arab Christian…. that is, for the readers who will make it to the sixth paragraph. An old AP trick to stash away unwelcome revelations. This way he will stay for the vast majority of readers an Israeli murder suspect, probably a Jew or a Muslim. I asked you three times to be good with his identity and this is what you do with it?

You still did not write the good name that Christian Arabs from Ramle have in Israel.

This only piece of real news in your report is wedged between two untrue statements. He mostly grew up in the US & not Israel. He has never been suspected of a screwdriver attack in Ramle – there was only such a rumor but a complaint like that was never filed.


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