Saudi statesman and poet dies of stomach cancer

Dear Editor,

“Saudi statesman and poet dies of stomach cancer” has only one reference to Israel and immediately it’s a serious source of bias.

“In the poem titled “The Martyrs,” Algosaibi said the bombers “died to honor God’s word.”” – This is of course glorifying suicide bombers, who are criminals that mainly target civilians – a war crime.

Then the paragraph continues and finishes: “Under criticism from Jewish groups, Algosaibi defended his poem and accused Israel of committing war crimes.” – This is the usual turning the world upside-down, revealing the sick mindset of murderers.

But the real problem lies in AP writing that Jewish groups were against the text, as if it’s only offensive for Jews (while most Muslims condemn murder) and that his perverse accusations are not contradicted by anyone – as usual.


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