Palestinian who attacked Turkish Embassy captured

Dear Editor,

Three AP writers are credited with producing “Palestinian who attacked Turkish Embassy captured” and an unspecified number of editors. This might account for the very different quality of statements in the report in regards to bias.

The report about the assault is not biased.

But then, someone put in the “AP backdrop.” And there we go again:

  • “Israel-Turkey relations have been strained over the May 31” – No, it was over the three-week defensive operation in Gaza 2008/2009.
  • “Israeli attack” – Who was attacking who? Seen the BBC report on it? No questions stay open. , and
  • “on an international flotilla” – Rather, on one boat from Turkey.
  • “that was trying to bust Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip.” – But not! See the recent BBC report just mentioned.
  • “The raid killed nine Turkish citizens” – no word about that they died for attacking the commandos with lethal force bringing them in mortal danger.

“I will kill any Jew that enters.” Again, AP has no trouble quoting Jew-hatred verbatim but will not distance itself from it. There is no purer form of spreading anti-Semitism.


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