Israeli military confronts new foe: the Internet

Dear Editor,

“Israeli military confronts new foe: the Internet” leaves us unhappy.

1. The overview of recent Israeli Army / Internet issues is fine.

2. But glaringly omitted is any mention why Israel needs to worry – more than the US that is not on a 27/7 battle for survival. You compare the two armies without pointing out this fundamental difference.

3. In the beginning (headline and first paragraph) you insinuate that the Israeli army would like to stop these postings. Only in paragraphs 21-23 (!) we learn that the army is not getting involved at all.

4. You mention that Arab satellite channel al-Jazeera compared these mild pictures to the ones testifying of US military abuse of prisoners in Abu Ghraib, the notorious U.S. prison in Iraq where American soldiers tortured inmates.

Only the persistent reader will find the complete inappropriateness of the comparison.

5. In good anti-Jewish fashion a whole army and nation is blamed & blackened for the deeds of one person. All the Israelis that criticize her & her own apologies matter little.


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