$250K set bond for woman in pie attack on senator

Dear Editor,

Your “$250K set bond for woman in pie attack on senator” is not kosher.

We have to read into the penultimate of the five clauses to find out what happened.

When we learn that they attacker supposedly went after the senator because of his support for Israel, no mention is made of the fact that he is known to be a Jew.

An attack by a White person against an Afro-American will not be reported without bringing up the issue of racism. Here a Jew is attack for supporting Israel (no less) by a woman with an Arab first name, and no mention is made of Jew-hatred.

AP, if you don’t condemn, by default you concur.

Further, you make no mention of the fact that this American was a known trouble maker and removed from Israel for trying to obstruct a court order in Jerusalem, as widely (and biasedly) reported by the Palestinian press.

She was free to speak her mind from an Israeli prison before being expelled to the US. From jail she made wild accusations against her opponents and the people who arrested her, but never pressed any charges. That renders them unbelievable and gives an insight into her baseless hatred for Jews.

We want to believe that an impartial AP is the future and not a pie in the sky.


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