[The case of AP Israel Watch versus AP]

Dear AP Editor,

It has been some time since we’ve written an Editorial at our site to sum up some of our analyses and conclusions regarding AP anti-Israel bias in their reporting.

We would like to focus this time on suing them. Our goal is not to complain but to mend the situation in which a news organization or actually anyone unhindered could slander Israel day in day out, considerably contributing to a rise in anti-Jewish sentiments the world over.

We hope that people working in AP or directing AP will make a change almost guaranteeing fair Israel reporting before they will be forced, but rather than wait for this, we will steam ahead toward forcing them and we will be pleased with the total change no matter how it will come about.

We’ve seen now and commented on hundreds of AP reports. The image that we have at AIW about the development of anti-Israel bias in AP reporting is getting clearer.

First of all, there are a number of notorious hatemongering AP writers that seem to enjoy ruining Israel’s good name the world over any time. Any truthful statement by them seems almost accidental. Still, they are not the main problem – if they were, they would have been called to order of fired long ago.

We now also have many pieces about Israel by AP writers that explain even the most complicated and emotional situations excellently. These journalists know their profession as most other AP writers and their work can be flawless and outstanding.

Now, often we still find hateful, untruthful and damaging turns of phrase in their excellent reports. Since we have the proof that these authors know to write unbiasedly, we can only conclude that these biases are inserted into their work by supervising editors that have to “watch AP standards.”

So, some reporters are definitely too biased (but very skillful, we are the first to admit) to write anything worthwhile on Israel. But the main source of untruthfulness about the Mideast seems to lie with some of the senior editors that try to ruin good work by excellent writers.

The majority of these truthful journalists see their work spoiled almost on a daily basis. They must hate that with a passion. We feel that it might be very helpful to get the cooperation by these crafts(wo)men to nail the editors & supervisors that ruin THEIR integrity & good names around the clock. Once we are ready to sue AP, it would be great if they stepped forward & showed their work versus distortions & deformities their superiors inserted.

Therefore, we would like to ask the straight AP Israel reporters and editors to please save your work, so that we’ll have (an enormous amount of) proof to fine and incarcerate your bosses or colleagues that until now felt untouchable and superior to moral norms and societal ideals. You can show as no one else what a fine job you’ve done and how malicious elements have made a mockery out of what AP should stand for.

We also invite AP workers that were in the wrong to repent and to contact us. Rather than being revengeful, you will find that we will be so happy with your moral turn-around that we will celebrate you. We know that non of you is inherently evil. But we need to force the ones that will not voluntarily behave in accordance with their innate goodness.

Lastly, we would appreciate you coming forward with ideas & proofs before we go to court. We guarantee that we will not reveal your name or identity to anyone, even if we would be sent to jail in an attempt to force us – the old journalist code to protect sources.

Our ambition is to purge AP, not to ruin it. I’m sure we find many AP’ers on our side.

We look forward to hear (more) from you. Be confident and optimistic. Sometimes things will go your way and end fairly. Even decades of injustice within old and respected institutions can come to an end the very day after they still seemed invincible.

Thank you for your work.


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