Israeli army: More force was needed for ship raid

Dear Editor,

“Israeli army: More force was needed for ship raid” is an excellent report marred by attempts to make it fit “AP’s house-style.”

These are the distortions that we found (We will only mention but not comment on twists reported to AP before; just google at our blog and you will find all the truths that AP can’t bear spreading.):

  • Headline: “Israeli army: More force was needed for ship raid” – Because of the often distorted news “coverage” the headline should have been: “Israeli army: Outcome would have been far more deadly were it not for soldiers’ restraint”!
  • “deadly May raid”
  • “on a pro-Palestinian flotilla”
  • “pro-Palestinian activists”
  • “The charity behind the flotilla”
  • “breach Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip”
  • “The soldiers have said – “The activists have said”
  • .”The bloodshed drew widespread international criticism”
  • “a tight naval blockade remains in place”
  • “the violent Hamas movement took control of Gaza in 2007”
  • “because of its ties to Hamas” – No, because it was identified as a terrorist organization
  • “video footage that it said showed an Arab Israeli lawmaker walking among men holding metal rods aboard the ship before the soldiers arrived.” – In all fairness, she is never seen in one frame with any weapon, the Jerusalem Post reported.


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