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Working on a grading system for AP’s Israel reporting.

AP FAIRNESS TABLE. Criteria for valuation specified.  
TOTAL SCORE TOTAL SCORE from below 25 criteria    
Neutral Starting points for a report   100  
Good, long  If it’s a good, long report + 20  
Lengthy, biased If it’s a lengthy, biased report -20  
Informative If it informs rather than confuses + 15  
Headline If the headline is biased -30  
First paragraph If the first paragraph is anti-Israel biased -20  
First 3 paragraphs If the first three paragraphs are overall anti-Israel -10  
Hate speech If hate speech or lies against Israel are quoted and not immediately neutralized -30  
Over-flooding For each time a fair position by Israel is stated but immediately discredited for no good reason -20  
Extremist Israelis For each time that Israel’s position is represented only by the most extreme people to show unreasonableness -30  
Too little too late If the vision of Israel is underrepresented (too little, too late) on something concerning the Jewish State -30  
Omitted key info If crucial information is omitted giving an anti-Israel bias -30  
Missed chance If a chance to correct anti-Israel bias is missed -20  
Forms myth If anti-Israel distortions are recycled – myth formation -30  
Derogatory terms If negative verbs, adverbs or nouns are used that throw a bad light on Israel -20  
Moral equivalence If it equalizes morally different positions as from a terrorist organization and a democratic state -30  
No responsibility If it hides responsibility (e.g. by painting the others as powerless victims) from enemies of Israel -30  
Betrayal of Palestinians If it overlooks that the UN and the Arab regimes have used the Palestinian Arabs, rather than helped -30  
Skips history If it brings Israeli defense mechanisms as the first cause and hides anti-Israel violent history that started the trouble -30  
Double standard For each time Israel is blamed for something negative that is normal and not reported in other countries -20  
Against stereotype For each correction of a popular anti-Israeli or anti-Jewish bias + 10  
Jewish stereotype For each fortification of an anti-Jewish stereotype -10  
Israeli stereotype For each fortification of an anti-Israel stereotype  -10  
Play against e/a For colluding with the view that Jew and the Arabs have contradictory long-term interests -20  
Long-term interests For making clear that Jew and the Arabs have no contradictory long-term interests + 50  
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