6 African migrants killed in Egypt in desert clash

Dear Editor,

Your “6 African migrants killed in Egypt in desert clash” does not deal with Israel and has no anti-Israel bias though it could have as Israel is mentioned in it eight times.

Somehow the report is lacking more than it’s sharing:

  • It seems to focus on what the Egyptian authorities say and lacks Bedouin spokespeople.
  • It fails to mention that Israel handed over the Sinai to Egypt as part of the peace treaty between them.
  • It is silent about the recent violent clashes between Bedouin and Egyptian forces.
  • It does not mention the recent Israeli decision to fence off the whole border with Egypt within three years.
  • It contains nothing about the prominent role that Bedouin trackers have played in the Israeli army.
  • It ignores the recent clashes between Israeli authorities and illegal Bedouin villagers with Jewish allies.


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