Stabbings suspect unlikely to return to Mich. soon

Dear Editor,

1. Both in your video reports and in your written reporting as in “Stabbings suspect unlikely to return to Mich. soon,” you refuse to identify fully the suspected serial slasher as a Christian Arab. You have not trouble to label him a man, an Israeli, tall and large.

What about the truth scares AP? Is AP afraid to cater to a stereotype of Christians being murderers? Much more likely, AP doesn’t care about feeding the prejudice that Muslims or Jews are murderers and therefore does only half of the profiling. (See “passive bias” in our earlier review Fears remain in Mich. after stabbing spree arrest .)

A missed chance to point out that Arabs from Ramle have a good name under Jews in Israel. They fall under the category “early Israeli Arabs,” that were already inside the Jewish State from 1948, got to know Jews and are much easier to trust than Mideast people new to the Country (Jerusalem, 1967) or that have never met a Jew (compare our review of your excellent report “Older Gazans recall Israelis, youth sees only army“).

2. AP identifies the difficulties to keep the suspect alive until trial, though he has not received any threats, and to prevent him from hurting anyone else. In a glaring oversight, no one talks about the most obvious danger, that he might try to kill himself. Control freaks don’t like putting their lives in the hands of others – one reason why they do the opposite. As long as he is suspected to be this serial killer, he should be on suicide watch and AP should ask specialists and the authorities about this.


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