No agreement on direct Israel-Palestinian talks

Dear Editor,

You purged your “US officials optimistic about direct talks” from your website and replaced it by “No agreement on direct Israel-Palestinian talks.” Did it become more truthful & real?

The opening clause reveals that US optimism had been inappropriate.

Then we still read of more US made baseless optimism and lies:

“We continue to work closely with both sides” – there is only one side obstructing

“describing the Mitchell-Netanyahu session as “a good, productive meeting”” – there is no production needed there

“there was no deadlock. “We are very close”” – sure – for 20 years now.

The parties themselves are also (mis)quoted:

“an Israeli official: no breakthrough” – take it from an expert

“Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat: “The key is in Netanyahu’s hands,” he told The Associated Press. He said the meeting between Mitchell and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday was “constructive & very positive.””Read this again and again and see how he shamelessly proclaims the opposite of reality, without AP’s any objection.

“Israel is insisting on talks with no preconditions” – so it’s to blame for failure of talks?

“The last direct talks ended in late 2008 after a year of negotiations.” – Not true; they ended when Olmert stepped down, many months later.

“Erekat has said the Palestinians made a counter proposal to the U.S.” – a total fabrication.

“the more hawkish Netanyahu has taken power.” He is more hawkish, but not than Erekat. He didn’t take power but there were elections that the Loony Left finally lost; he heads an almost national government, a broad coalition, just without the center left Kadima party.

This report is nothing better, with its own twists and lies. We can only conclude – again – that the withdrawal of the previous report must have been aimed at sparing clueless US officials deep embarrassment. AP as the State Department’s poodle.


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