Lebanon rejects US concerns over military help

Dear Editor,

“Lebanon rejects US concerns over military help” is the follow-up of your “US military aid to Lebanon put on hold.”

1. In the earlier review (US military aid to Lebanon put on hold) we supplied AP with proof against the untruth in “The State Department said Monday there was no evidence that American-supplied equipment had been used by Lebanese soldiers involved in the shooting incident.” Our link: http://www.mererhetoric.com/2010/08/07/photos-confirm-lebanon-used-american-weapons-to-attack-israel/ . We were eager to see if you succeeded using this info – BUT YOU DIDN’T!

Instead you removed the quote and replaced it by an even more brazen State Department quotation: “U.S. military cooperation with Lebanon contributes to stability in the region.”

AP, you’ve let down your readers here!!

Then, to add insult to injury, the last four paragraphs are completely messed up!

2. The completely unprovoked sniper attack that murdered a reserve high officer in the Israeli army, a father of four, and seriously wounded a colleague, you describe again as “a confrontation,” “fighting,” “clash,” “a dispute over a tree,” “Lebanon asserted itself.”

Instead, it was plain murder. The victims were not even close to the tree trimming, that was routine and as always coordinated with UNIFIL. At a request of the Lebanese Army the maintenance work was even postponed for three hours what enabled them to invite journalists (one died when Israel shot back) to see a case of Arab pride (sharpshooting two unsuspecting soldiers of another country across the border at peaceful times).

The tree was just pretext, but you bring it as causative.

3. You bring conflicting opinions as equal [always a disservice to unsuspecting readers] that Hezbollah has or hasn’t infiltrated the Lebanese Army. Why not believe the Army itself? At their official website http://www.lebarmy.gov.lb/English/Kirras.asp we read:

1.8- Supporting the Lebanese Resistance [read: Hezbollah] …. the Lebanese Resistance against the Israeli occupation of Lebanese territories [read: Hezbollah] is a legal right which ends up only with withdrawal of occupation. This Resistance [read: Hezbollah], which has been supported by the government, the army, and the civilians, has led to the defeat of the enemy on Lebanon’s land….

In other words: they claim that the Lebanese Army and Hezbollah fight for the same thing.

We expect much better from AP!


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