US Mideast envoy to press direct peace talks

Dear Editor,

“US Mideast envoy to press direct peace talks” seems to be an exercise in employing equivalence – the style-form that needs to hide the aggressor (so: the Arab side). Look at the ingenious use of the following words:

to get Israel and the Palestinians to agree
can be done with rather quick meetings with both of the leaders.
we’re pushing both sides to begin direct negotiations
see if both sides are ready
increasing pressure on the parties

Only after all the above, hidden away in the second part of the fifth (out of seven) paragraphs do we read that in fact Israel doesn’t need to be pushed and prodded and that only the Palestinian leadership is obstructing direct peace talks.

AP closes this hazy piece with a total smoke screen. It quotes Abbas who told reporters that he want the international community “to invite the Israelis and Palestinians to open direct talks.” A chutzpah, that AP does not expose.

It is as if someone would say that AP and AP Israel Watch should listen to each other better, hiding that already you don’t and we do.


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