Israel threatening to quit UN probe into flotilla

Dear Editor,

The anti-Israel-bias-circus in full swing in “Israel threatening to quit UN probe into flotilla.”

Israel threatened – Later we see that it’s a reaction to what the UN said.
a deadly raid – It was an interception and the deadliness was self-defense.
on a Turkish flotilla – Just on ONE boat there was trouble.
heading for Gaza – FINALLY NOT claiming it was braking a blockade.
the May 31 raid – You always use the word at least twice in every report.
nine pro-Palestinian activistsTerrorists.
were killed – In self-defense.
aiming to break Israel’s blockade on Gaza – But this is not true; aiming for trouble.
Israeli prime minister’s Office issued a harsh statementHarsh?
its policy of boycotting U.N. probes – As if they are recalcitrant.
Israel has considered the world body and its committees biasedConsidered? Not true?
the world outcry against the deadly raid – (third time “raid”!) – For the 19th time AP refuses to mention that the G-8 backed up Israel on the interception completely.
Israel’s strict three-year – Why strict, Why not fitting? Four years, by the way.
Israel’s blockade on Gaza – Together with Egypt and for self-defense.
Israel little choice but to cooperate – Israel can only be forced to be reasonable?

Fifteen points of bias in such a short report, many of them repeat offenses. Boo.

After all this bias, the last three paragraphs are fine.


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