Hezbollah accuses Israel of Hariri assassination

Dear Editor,

You have rewritten “Hezbollah accuses Israel of Hariri assassination” so we rewrite our review. Did it get any better, is our first question. The first installment was less than half the length and AP was Hezbollah’s mouthpiece in it. And now?

This time it opens with that Nasrallah acknowledged that he did not have absolute proof.

Now AP also writes that pressure is mounting on Hezbollah over a Netherlands-based tribunal investigating Hariri’s assassination.

We now also read that Israel immediately dismissed Hezbollah’s accusations: “The international community, the Arab world, and most importantly, the people of Lebanon all know that these accusations are simply ridiculous.”

AP also depicts the assassination, its context and its implications.

Nasrallah is quoted at length but critical (read: fatal) questions on him are included.

We deem this report perfect. It informs & does not mislead. It’s intelligent & truthful.

It shows no resemblance with the earlier version and should not carry the same title.


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