Israeli nuclear whistleblower out of prison again

Dear Editor,

In “Israeli nuclear whistleblower out of prison again” you write that “he refuses to speak in public in his native Hebrew.”

Calling him a whistleblower means that you are partial, because this honorary title is disputed by the people who call him a traitor.

You leave out that Israel’s nuclear arsenal is defensive only and of crucial importance for Israel’s survival.

Glaringly missing is that Vanunu is not against nuclear weapons. In 1981 he protested against Israel’s destruction of Iraq’s nuclear reactor. This proves that he’s not a pacifist but rather an anti-Zionist, to put it mildly. We can also see that from this quote from 2004: “We don’t need a Jewish State. There needs to be a Palestinian state. Jews can, and have lived anywhere, so a Jewish State is not necessary.”

What you leave out is that the rabbi’s son has converted to Christianity.

And if he became a true anti-Semite? A Moroccan Bobby Fischer? We don’t know. Clear is that, not unlike other anti-Semitic and anti-Israel fables, he claimed in 2004 that the State of Israel was complicit in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, that there were “near-certain indications” Kennedy was assassinated in response to “pressure he exerted on Israel’s then head of government, David Ben-Gurion, to shed light on Dimona’s nuclear reactor.”


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