Israel complains about new US travel advisory

Dear Editor,

With great excitement did we discover your “Israel complains about new US travel advisory.” Is AP, itself so often biased about Israel, going to report on Israel protesting unfairness by its mighty old foe the US State Department? And is Israel’s case going to be represented fairly?

Well the report had a few funny issues, but for the rest it was unbiased!

[The State Department’s platitudinous reaction is in and is inserted verbatim, for all to see in all its vainness and silliness.]

1. “Israel protested Monday against what it charged was….” – Charged, claimed, said, named, termed, suggested, accused, etc. These verbs in this context are completely redundant and just say: “We from AP doubt its validity, but don’t blame us for describing their claim.” Of course Israel protested what it charged. What is wrong with writing “Israel protested Monday against….”?

2. “The rockets hit Israel’s Eilat and Aqaba in Jordan, where one person was killed.”Left out here is that in Israel the rockets did no damage but in Jordan there were several wounded. So the situation was even less equal to Israel’s advantage than reported here.

3. “Officials from both countries blamed Islamist militants in the Egyptian Sinai desert.” – Yes, they did, but you left out what AP reported earlier in “Egypt admits rocket attack from its own soil.” So why used “blaming” if it’s admitted?

4. The culprits are terrorists, most probably Hamas, and not “Islamist militants“! Egypt is incensed that Hamas this way rewards all support in mediation and humanitarian gestures that Egypt has provided to the Junta of the Gaza Strip in the past years.

The attempt to report this and report it well is appreciated, but apparently it’s hard for AP to get it straight, isn’t it, when it concerns Israel.


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