UN official: no overlap between 2 Israeli probes

Dear Editor,

AP’s anti-Israel bias was alive and kicking in your “UN official: no overlap between 2 Israeli probes.”

The headline is so skewered that nothing good could come from the whole report already. These investigations are supposed to investigate what led to the killing and wounding aboard one of the Gaza bound Turkish ships. AP has put Israel into the role of the accused already. AP only sees a role for investigating Israel. But it’s more than the headline that’s out of line here.

The president of the U.N. Human Rights Council is interviewed and no mention is made of the body’s staunch anti-Israel stand. Neither are told of any Israeli spokesperson. The Israel-bashers so often are offered the world forum through AP. Why is to hear both sides so often absent when it concerns Israel’s enemies seeking attention?

Half a dozen of AP’s favorite myths, many of its own proud making, are re-recycled here again. The fact that you keep broadcasting these false versions of reality, despite our protests, makes you a manipulator of world opinion and your reporting into propaganda. And when people find out it’s AP is degraded. What would it take to change these lies in AP reports?:

  1. “Israel’s deadly raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla” – It was rather an interception and only on one of the boats.
  2. “Israeli commandos trying to prevent breaking its blockade” – Rather, Israel had offered to transport the humanitarian content into Gaza through Ashdod port, which it did after the interception, but that would have prevented the terrorists, weapons and money on board to reach Gaza, which was their real motive.
  3. “pro-Palestinian activists” – Rather, the ones who died were part of a terrorist mob who in majority before leaving expressed their wish to not come back but die as martyrs. .
  4. “its blockade of Gaza” – The blockade was by Israel AND Egypt, for self-defense.
  5. “Israel has said the soldiers acted in self defense after being attacked” – No, Israel has proved that it was in self-defense. It’s all over the Internet. Israel at first withdraw its footage out of shame for the pacifistic attitude of the commando’s. Here the readily available proof, no only of Israel’s trigger-un-happiness but also of AP misrepresenting the news for weeks on end: .
  6. “Israel considers the council biased because it focuses more of its attention on the Jewish state than on any other country” – This is like saying that Jews consider Hitler genocidal because he headed an attempt to eradicate all Jews. It’s not Israel’s view on the council that makes it suspect, but rather it’s permanent anti-Israel stand.


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