Turkish protest ship returns home

Dear Editor,

“Turkish protest ship returns home” is a tiny report. Let’s see how much bias you got in.

  1. Turkish protest ship – The trouble was not the protest but the violence by a minority.
  2. deadly raid – The deadliness was not in the raid but in the commandos being attacked.
  3. raid – It was an interception, not a raid.
  4. to protest Israel’s blockade – The blockade was by Israel plus Egypt.
  5. Israeli troops intercepted the boats – Here you use the right word; does that mean that the earlier misnomer “raid” now doesn’t count?
  6. clashed with – The commandos were attacked and had to shoot to save themselves – clash is an equalizer as if there were no aggressor and no defender.
  7. pro-Palestinian activists – Terrorists and Islamic fundamentalists that were seeking a martyrs’ death.

If we leave aside the second paragraph that only gives facts, you delivered half a dozen biases in 59 words, in three sentences – two per clause. Is this a world record?


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