Rockets fired at Israel, Jordan resorts; 1 dead

Dear Editor,

In your “Rockets fired at Israel, Jordan resorts; 1 dead” you write “The rockets appeared to have been fired from Egypt’s Sinai peninsula, an Israeli police spokesman said, though Egypt denied the claim.” We would like to focus on your choice to believe the Israeli authorities over the Egyptian. What basis did you have for that?

Our suggestion: two: A) Common sense – where else would the rockets ave come from – Israel, Disneyland? B) The track record of statements by the authorities of the small but stable Middle East democracy of Israel. If only you could remember to put your eggs in the Israeli basket more often.

Your subsequent report “Jordan: Proof that rockets fired from Egypt” (containing detailed and extensive denials from Egyptian authorities) made a similar choice against believing Egyptian dismissals. And your “Egypt admits rocket attack from its own soil” finally confirmed the wisdom and sense of reality from your reporters and editors.

We found no bias in this report, except maybe in the headline where Israel is written before the comma, and Jordan only afterward, while the casualties were in Jordan, giving the false impression of – again – trouble in the Jewish State.

Also your two follow-up reports that we name above we found to be spotless. Good for you!


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