Israel to expel hundreds of migrant workers’ kids

Dear Editor,

Sorry to say that your “Israel to expel hundreds of migrant workers’ kids” is biased from the very headline. It reads like another humanitarian Israel made scandal. As you write yourself, the measure is not only to extradite foreigners who are in the country illegally (including 400 minors), as all modern countries do, but also to legalize others (including 800 older children). Why didn’t AP make the headline: “Israel to authorize hundreds of migrant workers’ kids”? Bias it is.

Then, your headline gives the impression that migrant in Israel will lose the presence of their children. Rather, the truth is that those foreign workers that are expelled will be forced to take their minors with them. Would anyone like it any other way?

You fail to report that there is much opposition in Israel against the immigration stop. Instead, to add insult to injury, you report two xenophobic reactions, both without anyone saying them (“Some Israelis complain that….. Others worry that….”).

You quote the Prime Minister’s extreme position. This is another, frequent form of bias: to cite an Israeli with the most radical vision & to leave out that there is much disagreement with that idea, creating another false impression about the Jewish State.

Lastly, you missed the complete lack of logic in the second part of the only opinion you really quote. “This is a tangible threat to the Jewish and democratic character of the state of Israel,” and we think we found out why. Check and see for yourself how your report misquotes the Israeli leader of government.

Netanyahu is in the JPost quoted twice saying that the decision was compromise between Zionist and humanitarian values. You made all this effort to NOT include this likeable stand and were left with this nonsense quote, because it’s taken out of context. The threat to democracy he refered to is permitting the influx of a million illegal immigrant.

So here we have it. A systematic attempt to let Netanyahu and Israel come out unsympathetically.


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