Fox gets front-row seat in White House press room

Dear Editor,

In your “Fox gets front-row seat in White House press room” you find it necessary to quote Helen Thomas’ anti-Israel outburst partly and tuned down. However, we miss (again) any antidote against this hate speech. You cite qualifications by others (“offensive, reprehensible, indefensible”) but this way you give the impression that she should not have SAID it, not what’s wrong with it. This feeds the impression that anti-Semites are right but can’t voice their opinions.

You should have written: Israel is the National Homeland of the Jewish People, like all Peoples are entitled to one. You should have noted that the Lebanese journalist overlooked that more than half of all Jews in Israel are refugees from Arab countries, and not from Poland, and that the Arab States are oppressing and using Palestinians as Israel never has and nor will.


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