Former West Bank militant stronghold gets cinema

Dear Editor,

It would be hard to point out bias in “Former West Bank militant stronghold gets cinema” because as a work of fiction it has very little resemblance with reality as apparent by most people in the know. It would be easier to go look for any truth.

To transform this story into anything truthful would take at least as much time as it must have taken to compose this elaborate variation to reality. This piece is beyond misleading or biased – it is outright propaganda and fiction. That this is acceptable in Arab society is sad; but that an institution as AP stands for this type of creative writing is shocking.

Rather than point out all twists and manipulations, we will try to explain some of the principles that are behind their artifact. This can be useful when encountering other propaganda.

1. Palestinians are innocent, powerless complete victims. Opening clause speaks of “A grieving Palestinian father.” Other examples would be: “”shocked” by the destruction at the time.” And: “the devastation of the second Palestinian uprising.”

2. Palestinians are better than you – saints. Love them. “A grieving Palestinian father’s decision to donate his 12-year-old son’s organs to Jewish and Arab children.”

Never mind that decisions like that have been made by hundreds of Israeli Jews, when their loved ones were ambushed by Palestinian war criminals, punishing Jews for their chutzpah to want to live securely in a Jewish State. The Israeli health system and its workers do not make any distinction between Jewish or Arab patients, nurses, organs, doctors, etc.

3. Everyone with a heart likes the Palestinians – you should join too. “dozens of Palestinian and foreign volunteers and funded by about $650,000, most from the German and Palestinian governments and Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters, human rights activist Bianca Jagger was in town to attend. Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad cut the ribbon.”

4. Palestinian violence just happens. There is no cause and no one decides to kill, maim or destroy. It just happens. “the second Palestinian uprising, which erupted in 2000.” They never started the violent revolt – it erupted.

5. Israeli violence comes from their wickedness. Choose the starting point of every story very carefully. Never show that Israel commits the least violence possible to protect themselves against Palestinian violence that preceded it.

“Ahmed was shot dead by Israeli soldiers who mistook his toy gun for a real weapon.” No word about the mortal danger Israeli soldiers are in because of ongoing Palestinian violence and the split second decisions these young men need to make all the time that could mean that they die or survive, or kill someone innocent. Not a word about what a four-year old was doing with a toy gun – infusing his family with hope in the future?

“normalization with Israel, something they oppose as long as the West Bank remains under Israeli occupation.” These people also did not want normalization with the Jewish State when the West Bank was under Jordanian occupation. In fact, almost the whole of the West Bank now has autonomy except on security issues – and if that will stay needed is in Palestinian hands.

6. Equalize the Palestinian perpetrator with the Israeli victim. Looks impossible to do, but once you see it modeled you will understand that it’s relatively simple and a very fruitful concept. “at the height of Israeli-Palestinian violence.” “a weeklong 2002 battle.”

7. Just print the lie. Westerners will never get it. “our sacrifice has not gone in vain.” We just read that his death was accidental – now suddenly it was a contribution to a cause? We would have said “His death was not in vain,” but that’s not what the father says.

8. Blame Israel for defending itself, never credit Israel for being as soft as possible. “a weeklong 2002 battle that left 53 Palestinians dead” “potential for growth is limited because Israel continues to restrict trade and many Israeli military checkpoints that hobble the movement of people and goods remain in place.”

9. There are no Palestinian terrorists in Jenin. “a weeklong 2002 battle that left 53 Palestinians dead.”

10 . Leave out. This looks so simple but it’s the king of media manipulation.

Leave out that Israel could have bombarded the terrorist in Jenin but decided to go from house to house to spare any civilians; leave out that the monstrous terrorists employed this by booby-trapping a whole block killing a massive number of selfless Israeli soldiers. But do bring the saintly “grieving Palestinian father’s decision to donate his 12-year-old son’s organs to Jewish and Arab children.”

Don’t bring up the suicide bombers and drive by shootings that killed over a thousand Israelis and maimed many more; just say that the Palestinians suffered: “West Bank towns to bounce back from the devastation of the second Palestinian uprising.”

Ignore violence between Hamas and the PA and constant fear for the Palestinian security forces the Palestinian population live with. The evil one is Israel.

And this is the only useful thing that can be learned from this “report” – how the Palestinian manipulation of the media works. AP – thanks for the lesson.


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