Older Gazans recall Israelis, youth sees only army

Dear Editor,

Your “Older Gazans recall Israelis, youth sees only army” is absolutely amazing!

From the headline though the first 135 words, for almost four paragraphs, you describe reality as it is. And that about Gaza and Israel! We are so pleased.

We have often written to you that it matters little that you give accurate information in later parts of your reporting if you messed with the readers’ brains in the headline and opening clauses. But the opposite is true too! How little it matters that later on we are feasted on AP’s hobbyhorses, its stale myths and twists, when most readers are properly informed by the parts read most.

Right to the end, Associated Press Writer BEN HUBBARD continues to inform truly.

And before we might get critical about eight sour points later on, we want to celebrate you some more on this achievement. In world media often so negative and hostile about Israel and Israelis, and with a history of unfair reporting yourself, AP sets a new standard here! If only someone could hold you to that standard from now on.

For comprehensiveness we will give the main distortions that lie mostly in partial words and half-truths that largely we know from so many other AP reports:

  • “Hamas overran the territory in 2007.” (No, it was properly elected by the population. In 2007 it expelled the opposition (Fatah) but it had risen to power democratically.)
  • “deadly May raid on an activist flotilla seeking to break the blockade.” (Rather, they could have sent the goods through Israel’s Ashdod port, but refused, so they were not braking any blockade, the ones making trouble were not peace activists but murderous Islamic terrorists. This was an interception, not a raid. The deadliness came from Israelis defending themselves.)
  • “the impoverished seaside strip” (We have pointed out to you before that their problem is not poverty; see Gaza family struggles to survive in a tent)
  • “Israel’s three-week offensive” (It was rather a defensive campaign.)
  • “The war killed 1,400 Gazans.” (Hamas killed, by using the population as a human shield, fighting between them, never having build one air-raid shelter for them.)
  • “many of them civilians.” (But most of them Hamas fighters and policemen and relative to the circumstances, civilian death toll was low due to Israel’s efforts only.)
  • “left swaths of the strip in ruins” (By now mostly rebuild.)
  • Sari Bashi we never heard from before. She is in her own class of liars. “the lack of contact between Gazan and Israeli civilians leads to the “demonization” of Gazans in the Israeli mind, which could lead to greater violence from the Israeli side.” (This is a concoction that bespeaks of a very deceitful and malicious spokesperson.) Here you can read about Israeli empathy in a truthful way: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/08/opinion/08friedman.html?_r=1&emc=eta1 .

But all this filth cannot undo all the beautiful, true information this report spreads!

Shalom it will be,

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