Jerusalem hosts subdued gay pride march

Dear Editor,

In your “Jerusalem hosts subdued gay pride march” we did not discover anti-Israel bias and we are happy about that. That would have been true if this was a report in a local paper. But if it’s for worldwide consumption, there was a bias because of context.

You contrast the subdued Jerusalem Parade with the “flamboyant gay pride parades elsewhere in the world.” Well, by that “elsewhere” you can’t imply Iran (doesn’t have any Gays), Gaza (there the name for closet is jail), Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan – etc., etc. Because then we would see how much better the situation for GLB’s is in Israel, and that is not on AP’s agenda.

We do regret that AP did not seize the opportunity to point out the most advanced legal protection that Gays and Lesbians enjoy in Israel.

Not only does one see lone women walk the streets of Jerusalem every time of the night, Israel has become a trail-blazer in establishing laws to advance the traditionally weak.

Talking of women, they were much in the background in the piece and illustration.


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