Flare-up over tree accents Israel-Lebanon tension

Dear Editor,

“Flare-up over tree accents Israel-Lebanon tension” had to be your revision of the deceitful report described in “UN disputes Lebanese claim Israel violated border.”

Five AP writer are named as having worked on this rewriting of AP history.
Any real changes?

Well, for starters, there is no headline anymore pointing out that the Lebanese had been lying. And the tree is now elevated to icon status. To figure prominently in AP’s newest myth: There was a border clash over a tree – not a Hezbollah ambush on Jews.

But then, we are much, much surprised to find a lot of TRUTH in this report that had been sorely missing in hundreds of earlier ones!

  • Israel uneasy about the growing arsenal of Hezbollah
  • Hezbollah, the real power in the Lebanese border area
  • Lebanon influenced by the Iranian-backed group’s clout
  • to restore calm, was clearly in the hands of Hezbollah (the aggressors)
  • the monthlong conflict in 2006, when Hezbollah fired almost 4,000 rockets
  • as Israel’s military bombed strategic targets all over Lebanon
  • gunfire from the Lebanese army, apparently aimed not at the soldier hanging over the fence, but at a base some distance away, where a senior officer was killed by a shot to the head. Another officer was wounded.
  • 18-year occupation that followed its invasion in 1982 to fight Palestinian forces
  • the trees being cut by the Israeli army are on the Israeli side
  • In Washington, State Department said the U.N. finding was conclusive. “The firing by Lebanese armed forces was totally unjustified and unwarranted,” he
  • the attack was unprovoked aggression.
  • The conventional wisdom in Israel is that another war with Hezbollah is inevitable.

The dissonants: “a small spark could ignite another war” (rather, people ignite wars), & (twice someone) called for restraint from all sides (equating victim & perpetrator).

You replaced an account covering up murder by a report informing the public.

May we honor the one responsible for this sea change!!


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