Lebanon, Israel clash near border; at least 4 dead

Dear Editor,

An earlier report “Israel says senior officer killed in Lebanon clash” was withdrawn by AP but still made it into 500 WWW sites. That report and its latest sequel “Lebanon, Israel clash near border; at least 4 dead” are not biased – they are outright mendacious. How can anyone still believe in AP reporting? We will give some examples how AP deliberately hides the truth, but the list will not be exhaustive, because there is no way to keep up with the distortions and name them all.

“Lebanese and Israeli troops exchanged fire Tuesday” – The hidden truth: Snipers in uniforms of the Lebanese Army, but because of the higher age of the soldiers killed probably Hezbollah terrorists, ambushed Israeli troops killing one senior commander and seriously wounding a second.
“in a fierce border battle,” “Lebanese and Israeli troops exchanged fire,” “in Tuesday’s clash” – The hidden truth: Lebanese launched an ambush, Israelis only shot back. Then the Lebanese asked for a ceasefire to evacuate the wounded; after half an hour they fired a rocket-propelled grenade at an Israeli tank (that missed) and the tank then fired back. AP makes it completely unclear that there was an aggressor and that Israel was only defending itself. This smoke screen is clearly deliberately placed.
“underlining how easily tensions can re-ignite” – The hidden truth: Tensions don’t shoot to kill. This was not tension that got out of hand but rather a murderous preplanned attack.
“began after an Israeli soldier tried to remove a tree along the border” – The hidden truth: The two hit Israeli commanders were not at all involved in maintenance of border visibility. AP reports this, 6 paragraphs later, though.
“Israel claims Hezbollah has significantly expanded and improved its arsenal of rockets since 2006” – The hidden truth: Israel has revealed last month not only the photographic proofs but also that Hezbollah is endangering its own population, what AP completely deleted from its news “coverage” – see https://apisraelwatch.wordpress.com/2010/07/13/israel-says-images-show-hezbollahs-intentions/.
– AP quotes at least 6 Arabs of completely different position that all blame Israel as the aggressor. This is many more than the Israeli sources quoted. And instead of showing how all these Arab sources lie, AP gives the impression that Israel must be lying, because how can so many people be wrong. Israel, though, is a democracy, enjoys freedom of the press and its army has large sections of recruits and left-wing soldiers, so that there is no way that it could make up a story and would get away with it, so it should get the benefit of the doubt. Also because in every instance like this before, information from the Israeli army in the end turned out to be the most correct.

AP’s “LEBANON-ISRAEL BORDER” VIDEO report http://video.ap.org/?f=MAFIT&pid=i3IR0_tPwYzVYKs3OmtoLlEOKr12JHAS is even much worse. The AP reporter, [Diane Capli,] told us in a completely matter-of-fact tone that a number of people got killed in a border dispute over a tree and then proceded to give sound bites from a UN and a Lebanese official (the latter is clearly lying – so deliciously clearly lying) – and no Israeli at all.

It’s not clear if you actually are for


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