Arab League backs Palestinians on restarting talks

Dear Editor,

Your “Arab League backs Palestinians on restarting talks” doesn’t just have a spin – it’s a virtual pirouette.

Israel is named a dozen times but never quoted until a token, blend sentence in paragraph 14. Israel is blamed for the lack of peace. AP delivers the message without any comment that in fact Israel has been most forthcoming. AP is accessory to slander.

Halfway the report we get feasted on another spin by the always ready to slander Israel the US State Department. The Arab nations are lauded on wanting peace talks. Again AP has no annotations, fails to point out that they in fact said the opposite. AP is a repeat offender even inside one report.

(Your opening clause was: “Arab nations on Thursday backed the Palestinian president’s refusal to immediately restart direct talks with Israel despite heavy U.S. pressure.” This refusal you professionally hid in the headline, and now in the State Department’s turn.)

But that wasn’t all of it. We can’t call AP lazy! AP then goes on to gives us their “view” in clear sight. We can’t blame AP here for not giving counter-information to biased sources – they ARE the source of these distortions, in plain violation of their own editorial statues. The Israeli government is labeled hawkish, hard-line, without any truth of provocation.

And look at the following beauty. (Can we have the name of the editor who wrought this – we need to honor such talents.) Instead of repeating that Netanyahu is unconditionally for direct peace talks, AP writes “Netanyahu opposes all conditions for renewing direct talks.”

Then AP’s cherry on the cake of dirt that rounds off the “report.” AP labels Jews living in Jerusalem’s Old City “settlers.” Never mind that Jews had lived all over this Old City for millennia, including in the so-called Muslim Quarter (the mezuzoth still clearly on the doorposts of the apartments from which the Jordanians had evicted them) – they are now invaders.

Therefore, Jews are “living in houses bought by Jews in established Arab neighborhoods” is truly the distortion of the week.

Closing words of wisdom go to world champions on peace, some well-trained terrorists, or as AP names them: the militant Hamas movement.

AP’s true colors all over. Instead, some high color would be called for.


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