Peres: Croatian WWII camp was a show of `sadism’

Dear Editor,

This is a fine report except for…. the headline – again. And since most people will ONLY read the headline, this is most serious.

“Peres: Croatian WWII camp was a show of `sadism'” was an unnecessary editorial choice, to put it lightly. It disarmed the messages inside the report. Peres did say this, but that was not the main massage of his visit at all. If we look at the two top news events here, we can immediately see how AP is hiding the main news in plain sight – again.

A fair, honest, truthful heading should have been something like:

“Israeli President accuses Iran to fancy another Holocaust” – the last word here not used euphemistically for a change; or:

“Israel-Croatia ties and friendship further strengthened.”

AP will report anything about Israel, except the truth. We will not get used to it and not give up until this has changed.


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