Outspoken British PM embroiled in diplomatic rows

Dear Editor,

Your “Outspoken British PM embroiled in diplomatic rows” is one of the worst AP reports that we have seen ever. You deserve a bad press about this the world over, and our time will come that AP will be called to give account.

What is dirtier that quoting a liar and Israel hater, then asking if he says these things because of “youthful inexperience” or because he’s “a truth-teller distinct from his Labour predecessors, whom he has accused of relying on spin”?

Look in our Chapter 7. at our Blog, to see the truth about Gaza. A fine prison that is.

What was it about Hitler that attracted the masses? His youthful energy or his pride?

Sorry to have to point it out to you, the four letter word is HATE. And you sell that as “free from spin.”

To add insult to injury you have the audacity to claim that “Cameron’s attitude also bears a striking similarity to Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher,” who was one of the closest friends Israel ever had.

You are so friendly to repeat his accusations as: “Israel’s raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla that killed nine Turkish activists, …. that the Palestinian territory “cannot and must not be allowed to remain a prison camp.” AP does give a little and much too late some token counter-arguments – in the second half of paragraph 17.

True, he says all kinds of other damaging things, but first of all he was after Israel – a perfect pact with AP.

We do doubt the mental state of the reporter when we read about “tax hikes that will hit rich and poor alike.” But in the end what counts is not intelligence nor sanity, but rather goodness & truthfulness, which are seriously lacking in this AP report.


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