Natural gas could lead to new Lebanon-Israel war

Dear Editor,

1. Exactly 4 days after an AP report that claimed that inappropriate dress can LEAD TO (sic) rape (of women) (Gaza flotilla has roots in pro-Palestinian group), we now have AP claiming that the discovery of natural gas close to Israel and the Lebanon can LEAD TO war (“Natural gas could lead to new Lebanon-Israel war”). Again, as if the one could be the natural out the other.

The same wacky “reasoning” of magicking away any responsibility of aggressors. In general any responsibility for Israel’s enemies, AP moves out of plain sight. The report here euphemistically adds that it fears that war may spring from a “spark new war between them” hiding that it is Hezbollah that is threatening and that Israel is having no violent intentions at all. And this hiding of the perpetrator and his responsibilities, is only the first serious problem with this report.

2. Hezbollah is a creatively called “militant group” but is rather an internationally recognized, major terrorist organization. One just wonders how AP would characterize Hitler if her were in power today.

3. One would have hoped that AP now would present Israel’s claim to the gas find. Rather, as always, AP first brings the claim by the terrorists, that Israel wants “to steal natural gas from Lebanese territory and vows to defend the resources with its arsenal of rockets.” This introduces the novel idea that these rockets and attitudes would have any defensive function. Very creative.

4. Only after the terrorists vented their contraptions, Israel gets to say the fields it is developing do not extend into Lebanese waters. In all fairness AP adds now that experts say that that “appears to be correct.” Meanwhile, though, Israel is put in a defensive position again.

5. Now AP makes a very strange move. It disputes the experts’ claim that Israel is doing OK with the addition “but the maritime boundary between the two countries – still officially at war – has never been precisely set.” Now, this then also could disqualify the terrorists’ claim that Israel would be fishing in their waters, but that’s not what AP writes. And the extent of territorial waters doesn’t depend on a peace treaty but rather on international law. Nevertheless, Israel’ defense is called into question with no Israeli invited to defend it.

6. Now a Hezbollah chief gets the floor to spread his propaganda first hand. A luxury normally not given to Israel.

7. Now the report proceeds to give us some objective and relevant news about the seize and significance of the finds. It seems that seize does matter.

8. In paragraph nine we finally get to hear from our first Israeli, a happy academic, immediately followed by another Hezbollah crony, producing his own variations to violent speech and truth.

9. And only new we get to hear from an Israeli official. He is calling those claims “nonsense.” Did it escape AP how that sounds? He’s quoted “calling those claims “nonsense”, saying….,” what means as much as “just a claim by an Israeli.” Look at how a Norwegian official after that is quoted directly: he “told The Associated Press that….”

10. Now, the few readers that are left after all these details, can read AP’s analysis. Is it a surprise that we get just another piece of moral equivalence? “Israel and Hezbollah each accuse the other.” AP moved the argument from the threat of a terror organization via their claim that their intentions are defensive toward that the murderers and the democratic state of Israel “each accuse the other (sic).”

11. Now we get, for the connoisseur, a piece of twisted history of the “devastating 2006 war,” specially created by AP for this report. See if you can see the manipulation – it’s not hard to spot. Here they go: “That fighting, in which Hezbollah’s capture of two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid sparked a massive Israeli bombardment, killed about 1,200 Lebanese and 160 Israelis.” The terrorists killed 160 Israelis without firing one rocket – if we may believe AP, that is. No word on that the Hezbollah guerrillas hid between the population and that Israelis tried to spare as many civilian lives a s possible, while the terrorists tried to kill as many Israeli civilians as possible (a war crime) in a massive terrorist bombardment (AP calls it “a massive Israeli bombardment“). From aggressor to victim – the Arab story according to a shameless AP.

12. “Israeli officials, however, say they believe Hezbollah has managed to triple its prewar arms stockpile to more than 40,000 rockets.” Israelis believe it, or is there any basis for it? Also left out an earlier report from Israel with proofs that these rockets are stationed close to schools, hospitals and civilian housing.

13. A lot more follows in this lengthy report, but we would like to finish with the piece that AP chose as its bottom line. It brings the worry that “in times of crisis” such rigs are “vulnerable…. because those sites are exposed.” Exposed to what? Ah, terrorists! AP presents it as a natural disasters. And every rig in the world is vulnerable to acts of terrorism, but since Israel is everyone’s fair game, only Israel needs to worry?


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