Egypt: US assurances may boost direct peace talks

Dear Editor,

A. In “Egypt: US assurances may boost direct peace talks” we have to go to the third sentence / paragraph to find the first bias. Should we be grateful for the first two? Look if you can find the twists (two).

“Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is under intense international pressure to restart direct peace talks with Israel frozen in 2008,” it reads.

The two problems are in its tail. The direct peace talks were abandoned not in 2008 but rather in 2009 when Ehud Olmert had to step down, as we wrote to AP now at least 8 different occasions. And not at all when Israel went after Hamas in Gaza.

And these talks were not “frozen” – Abbas walked away, because we could blame the next Israeli Prime-Minister to be an impossible hard-liner, and get away with it. As AP reporting has shown ever since.

Yes, AP is not just an influential news reporter and supporter for democracy and freedom of the press the world over . It has made itself also a major player in the Mideast, unfortunately spreading hatred, hindering the peace process by enabling terrorists and the PA to play their media games unhindered, and so promoting local wars and an endemic rise in anti-Semitism.

B. The whole rest of the report is not much better. Let’s look at the verbs AP uses for the different leaders.

  • Egyptian presidential spokesman Suleiman Awwad did not disclose
  • Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is under intense international pressure
  • Arab foreign ministers will meet Thursday to consider…., potentially adding more pressure on the Palestinian president
  • Abbas has insisted
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has refused
  • Mitchell warned Abbas
  • President Barack Obama will not be able to help
  • Awwad said
  • Obama has committed to exerting efforts
  • President Hosni Mubarak has received
  • Obama, followed by calls from Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, all signaling
  • Assurances from the U.S. might convince
  • Netanyahu has called for…, has accepted…., but has refused to
  • Netanyahu said…., demanded
  • Egypt’s Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said the Arab foreign ministers are looking to hear
  • Egyptian officials say
  • Obama could help
  • the Palestinian document noted
  • Mitchell demanded
  • Obama gets involved.

That means that:

The US: will not be able to help / has committed to / signaling / might convince / could help / demanded / gets involved.

The Arab League: did not disclose / will meet / said / has received / are looking to hear

The PA: is under pressure / has insisted / noted

And Israel: has refused / has called for / has accepted / has refused to / said / demanded

Again the PA as poor victim, the US and Arab League as sweet heroes, and Israel as inflexible bully. While Netanyahu is the one saying all the time that we are for a Palestinian State and let’s talk.

This is impartial reporting??


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