British PM visits Turkey: Iran, Gaza on agenda

Dear Editor,

Frankly we don’t mind some European Prime Minister slandering Israel to get a warm reception from another anti-Semite. This has been a Gentile pastime by politicians for centuries and a proven way to cement friendship between the nations.

But we very much protest when AP takes it as its holy task to spread this murderous slander the world over!!

“British PM visits Turkey: Iran, Gaza on agenda” should have been about the Turkish-British relationship. Instead, we read the word Israel 8 times in the first 8 paragraphs.

How many of these vicious statements get confronted with te facts, or let’s say a response by someone not ant-Israel? (Not counting AP that reports them as worthy words….) None! Again a report calling Israelis a bunch of low-lives.

And, of course, AP does not find this the proper occasion to reveal to the world that the G-8 generously supported Israel . In the past month there were 14 AP reports that easily could have referred to this, but AP hides this major truth for the world.

Why is AP much more to blame and damaging than these anti-Israel heads of government? Because everyone knows that politicians lie; but AP claims to be an impartial provider of news, and most people believe their reports Рstill.


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