Lying for sex _ old sin means jail time in Israel

Dear Editor,

Here is the sequel to your scandalous “Gaza flotilla has roots in pro-Palestinian group” in which we were educated that women should ask themselves if it’s not them that provoked rape.

“Lying for sex _ old sin means jail time in Israel” is not just reversing the burden of moral proof – it manages to condemn Israel for having the most extreme laws against sexual crime.

And, of course, such a protest was not launched with previous cases (the reporter says: only one, but Haaretz tells us: previously such men were convicted on fraud charges (that’s more honorable?) – when a Jew was convicted for getting a woman to have sex with him through deceit. No, only now the perpetrator is an Arab, AP shouts alarm: racism.

Now, it could be that AP is horrified at the idea of Israel’s stern anti-rape legislation, and who are we then to soothe them? But no, AP doesn’t just opine that this protects the wrong party. No, it uses lies, twists, uneven reporting and other manipulative tricks to come to its shoddy conclusions.

We are not surprised to see that it’s Amy Teibel who’s doing AP’s dirty work – again.

Israel has the most protective laws against sexual abuse anyone could imagine and beyond. Yes, these laws taken to the extreme could lead to absurd prosecutions, but anything good can be abused.

We should ask ourselves, if we would rather err on the side of caution or better not. In other words, what would be worse, a man being falsely accused of sexual violence or a woman not having legal backing to defend herself against sexual force?

With so many women fair game all day long, moving between mostly insensitive men, Israeli law is on the side of the potential victims, rather than would-be perpetrators. Scandalous, shouts AP. Wonderful, we object.

Let’s go through some examples to see how AP works its report towards scandalizing Israel’s world record feminist position, instead of celebrating it. That AP produces two women-hating reports within a week that violate any sentiment against rape, each written by a woman, makes the situation only more cynical.

Lying for sex. It happens all the time.” – With this brilliant opening AP sets the tone of the report. Rape also happens all the time – and that makes it OK?

Yet a married Palestinian man has been ordered jailed for 18 months for having sex with an Israeli woman after giving her the impression he too was Jewish, as well as single and interested in a relationship.” – Here we have it. Half of the charges were that he pretended to be a Jew and he will be imprisoned for that. Doesn’t that sound like racist injustice?

His conviction of “rape by deception” has drawn charges of racism” – In case we didn’t get it, she brings up the R-word herself. And now the reporter is going to make her case.

She quotes: the convicted man, his lawyer, and 4 specialists against this verdict.

Missing anyone? The victim, her lawyer, people who think that was a great verdict.

No, Mrs. Teibel lines up the whole world against the Israeli court and lawgiver. They are not a model of pro-feminist law enforcement; rather, they are racist. And she makes this case by only quoting people who agree with this.

Lastly, let’s look at her third expert witness, Dana Pugach, head of the Noga Center for Victims of Crime. AP’s Mrs. Teibel quotes that she: “suggests the law sometimes takes things too far.” She might actually have said this.

But when we look in the above mentioned Haaretz report we see that this same expertsaid she thought the verdict was appropriate.” Don’t you feel violated when you’re lied to like this by the media as AP does here?

AP is willing to blame rape victims for rape and complain about too stringent laws against rape, just to make the case that Israel is racist. Raping the public’s mind. Yuck!


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