Israeli troops kill Palestinian at settlement

Dear Editor,

“Israeli troops kill Palestinian at settlement” is another perfect example of AP spreading anti-Israel sentiments.

You start with “Israeli troops shot and killed a Palestinian man entering a Jewish settlement in the West Bank on Thursday, drawing a Palestinian accusation that soldiers are too quick to open fire.”

Instead, you should have opened with “Israel put a stop to infiltration attempts by Palestinians of a Jewish settlement in the West Bank on Thursday. After a warning of the would-be infiltrators to stop and warning shots went unheeded, troops shot and killed one man while others escaped. Though it is believed that the main motive for a string of break-ins was criminal and not terrorist, a discovered thief can easily turn to murder and so be a danger to life in these quite pastoral quarters. Therefore an ambush was set up to stop the nightly phenomenon.”

The headline should have been “Israeli stops infiltrators to settlement.”

AP chose – again – to start with the Israeli response to the Palestinian action and on top of that in the very first paragraph include a quote condemning Israel as if it went violent – again.

AP leaves out that troops first fired at the feet of the trespassers, and only when that didn’t help, fired to kill.

AP gives all the Palestinian statements to condemn the shooting; Israel gets no word in on its motives.

The report finishes off with a four paragraph “report” on Palestinian demands “for peace” without any Israeli rebuttal.

AP – if you are impartial and against terrorism and incitement, you hide that masterly!


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