Israel urges Lebanon to block ships for Gaza

Dear Editor,

“Israel urges Lebanon to block ships for Gaza” is another example of AP shamelessly plotting against Israel.

It recycles all the lies that we’ve seen – and protested against to no avail – in the past weeks plus some innovations.

We assume some people at AP REALLY hate Israel because they are so industrious in their slander. Both the old lies are republished all the time but also new “ideas” are volunteered how Israel and Israelis are despicable.

Look at the first two paragraphs. Israel is the aggressor – again. (Will it ever be stopped?) “Israel is urging,” Israel “warned,” Israel “accused” and when finally quoted, it’s presented between quotation marks, as if to say: look what it says. But the real place for quotations marks is made objective when we read about these “aid ships.”

We’re not going to point out all the lies and distortions in it. They can be found in our recent emails to you.

That you’re still in business must mean that either no one is reading AP or no one is taking it seriously. You’re digging you financial grave with your incitement, even if you would never be fined for it. Who wants to be lied at by people who claim impartiality?.


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