Gaza flotilla has roots in pro-Palestinian group

Dear Editor,

“Gaza flotilla has roots in pro-Palestinian group” is long and irredeemable.

It could have been an interesting report on a group of anti-Israel foreign activists.

(Oops – AP uses “activists” for terrorists. This is a problem AP must solve.)

Instead it’s marred by one-sidedness, lies and even in 2010 unheard of sexism.

It’s headline should have been: Pro-Palestinian activists, between solidarity & naivety.

Beit Jala

The report is written from “BEIT JALA, West Bank” – an interesting, pastoral village wedged in between Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

At the start of the Second Intifada late 2000, after Arafat refused Israel’s most generous offer of a Palestinian State on 97% of the West Bank, Jerusalem citizens were shot at from this predominantly ancient Christian settlement by militant Fatah & Hamas infiltrators.

Its happy, thin sound of church bells once to be heard all over Gilo, has long died down, replaced by powerful blasts from South Arabian donated loudspeakers from its minarets, now most Christians have fled to greener pastures. There is no shooting anymore. Supervision by the Israeli army is conditionally replaced by Fatah control.

Jews (& women) are shot at from Beit Jala again, this time by an AP correspondent.

Old bias & lies in a new report

There are 20 (!!) problems with AP’s descriptions in this “report.” If you’re interested in the details, we may provide them. Most of them can be found in our unheeded feedback.

Let’s just mention the main innovation here.

Cause & existence of the Second Intifada are purged from this article. As if the ISM was an alternative to Israeli violence, instead of the truth, that the ISM was the international prong of the Intifada that cost over a 1000 Israeli Jews their lives, for the sole reason that Arafat wanted the whole of Israel, and thought he could get it. Jews were on the defense – again – and portrayed as the aggressors – again. Where did the ISM ever move against these murders on civilians? That Fatah & Hamas left the ISM alone & that they protected Arafat, says it all. They’re killers no less.

“Palestinian youths hurled rocks” while members of the ISM accuse soldiers. It’s clear that these “pacifists” just cooperate with attempts to kill Jews (these rocks kill).

AP whitewashing the ISM is one thing, no matter how grave. But that it glorifies it, is a step further. But the most sad thing of all is that Palestinian non-violence is only reported by employing lies & half-truths. If one has to lie & pretend to describe pacifism, that would mean that it does not exist at all. We don’t think so.

The real truth is that most Palestinians (or any people) are not violent & that they got sold out by power-hungry politicians and the media that enable them, including AP.

Blaming the victim – women this time

volunteers can be clueless about conservative Palestinian culture. That’s led to tensions, including sexual harassment. – The perpetrators are steered by ignorance of their victims? They are the true powerless victims, of their hormones?

Some Palestinians assume female activists are permissive because they don’t behave like conservative Palestinian women. – Permissive means rape-inviting? Even professional prostitutes may say no and raping them is still rape.

He asked women to cover their arms and legs. For men: long pants only. Another volunteer explained how to dodge sexual harassment. – Why doesn’t this “organization for peaceful resistance” start educating the Palestinian public on the meaning of the word “no”? Ah – it only matters when foreigners are raped – the locals are fair game?

“Some people think to show solidarity with Palestinians, you have to wear ugly clothes. No. We like you nice and clean.” – That’s what it says literally!! “We like you nice and clean.” Like: I like my meat well done. Is this only rancid for us? (Just imagine a saying that we like Palestinian men nice and clean – doesn’t that sound rancid?)

a Palestinian man who tried to rape her while she slept in a West Bank village. – What – she was not properly dressed when she slept?

This explaining away of Rape, that most blatant, vile and damaging part of Sexism, is exactly what AP & other supporters of Palestinian & Arab violence against Israelis do.

They claim to maim and kill BECAUSE of what Israel supposedly does and the world lets them. They claim to rape BECAUSE they think these women supposedly don’t dress decently and they think that they can get away with it. Reminiscent of the epoch when police wouldn’t take a rape claim because the woman was blamed causing it. HORROR.

Rather, these assaults are the result of a lack in morality in the perpetrators, not their victims. AP glossing over rape, blaming the victims, is truly embarrassing at best.

Jews were the most persecuted People for 2000 years – when did we go around killing?


What AP background story will be next?

The idealistic face of Hamas & why Gays in Gaza should be more careful?

AP is becoming world news. How it rapes truth. While it should provide information.

A new low in AP reporting. Unbelievable that AP may continue to break this record.

While we want


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