Lost Kafka writings resurface, trapped in trial

Dear Editor,

No bias in “Lost Kafka writings resurface, trapped in trial.”

Still a missed chance to clarify something about Israel to a wider public. A few hints, for inspiration, for next time.

  • That Israeli Law is completely based on British (Roman) Law, but that terms and arguments from Jewish Law do surface.
  • That Israel’s budding Constitution forms enough basis for an expending edifice of protection for the individual, and that the Israeli Judiciary has a very active social agenda, often putting it at odds with the Government, Knesset, Police or the Army.
  • That the Laws protecting against sexual violence and for protecting Women and Gays/Lesbians, are among the most progressive in the world.
  • That for Israeli Law all are equal, including powerful persons, who are neither favored nor extra heavily prosecuted.
  • That Arabs and Women are judges in every Court, but that these Courts also allow for special religious (Jewish, Muslim, Druse) Courts where more personal matters can be resolved between people of the same worldview.

To write something in which Israel is portrayed justly, favorably and without stress.


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